L'Empereur Napoléon 1er

• 6th April 1814 Abdication– First suicide attempt – Exile in ELBA Island.


• March 1815 Escape and return to France - the « Hundred Days »


• 18th June 1815 Defeat of WATERLOO

• 21st June 1815 Second Abdication - Second suicide attempt (Read above).

• 8th July 1815 Coming from ROCHEFORT, NAPOLEON 1st arrives at FOURAS. He crowds for the last time the French continental soil on the South Beach. Worn on the shoulders of the sailor BAUD from FOURAS, he goes on a rowboat, then on the frigate LA SAALE, anchored near fort ENET, which has to lead him to the United States. In the “PERTUIS d’ ANTIOCHE”, the English naval forces are sailing


• 9th July 1815 He visits the fortifications of the AIX Island under the cheers of the population and the garrison.


• 10-11th July 1815 On board of LA SAALE, negotiations and discussions on how to behave.

• 12th July 1815 NAPOLEON accosts to the AIX Island and lives at the Commander’s home.


L'Empereur Napoléon 1er

• 15th July 1815 NAPOLEON left the AIX Island, last part of French soil he crowds, and embarks on the EPERVIER anchored near Fort BOYARD. Then he boarded on the English boat BELLEROPHON.


• 1815-1821 NAPOLEON is a prisoner on the island of SAINT-HELENA










• 5th May 1821 Death of NAPOLEON at 5:49 p.m.


L'Empereur Napoléon 1er